Top 5 Educational Toys and Shooting Toys for Kids Who Love NBA Jerseys

NBA Jerseys are not only popular among adults but also among kids who love basketball. In addition to the latest NBA Jerseys, parents can also choose some cool toys for their kids. Toys for kids are not only for fun but also for education. Shooting toys are good for hand-eye coordination, and educational toys can enhance kids’ learning ability. Here are the top 5 educational toys and shooting toys for kids who love NBA Jerseys.

1. Lego NBA Basketball Court

Lego is always a popular choice for kids. This Lego NBA Basketball Court set can be a great addition to any NBA fan’s collection. Kids can build their basketball court and play with their favorite NBA players.

2. Spalding NBA Slam Jam Mini Hoop

This mini hoop is perfect for kids who love to play basketball. It can be attached to any door or wall and comes with a 4-inch rubber basketball. Kids can practice their shooting skills at home.

3. Learning Resources MathLink Cubes

These MathLink Cubes are perfect for kids who love to learn. They can use the cubes to practice addition, subtraction, and even multiplication. The cubes are easy to connect and come in different colors.

4. Melissa & Doug USA Map Puzzle

This USA Map Puzzle is not only educational but also fun. Kids can learn the states and capitals of the United States while putting the puzzle together. The puzzle is made of wood and has easy-to-grasp pieces.

5. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

This smartwatch is perfect for kids who love technology. It has a camera, video recorder, and games. Kids can also use it to learn how to tell time. The watch is durable and comes with a rechargeable battery.

If you are looking for shooting toys or educational toys for your kids who love NBA Jerseys, these top 5 toys can be great choices.

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