Russell Westbrook Responds To Charles Barkley Saying He Doesn’t Enjoy Playing With The Los Angeles Lakers

Russell Westbrook Responds To Charles Barkley Saying He Doesn't Enjoy Playing With The Los Angeles Lakers

Russell Westbrook started his second season with the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night, playing against the defending NBA champions Golden State Warriors. They put up a big fight during the first part of the game, but the Dubs were too much to bear for the Purple and Gold, who couldn’t keep up. 

Westbrook showed good things during the game, attacking the rim, and even making some long ranges, which made fans worry about the 3-point shooting of the team. The former NBA MVP showed a different face, at least for this game, but not everybody is convinced he’s enjoying his time with the Lakers. 

Charles Barkley had some things to say about this during last night’s edition of TNT’s Inside the NBA. Chuck claimed that Russ isn’t looking like his old self and he should leave the Lakers because they’re ruining his game. 

“You know how I feel about Russell Westbrook. I admire him, I respect him. It’s time for the Lakers to move him. They’ve taken all his joy out of life and basketball. It’s not about the numbers. First of all, the Lakers stink, we can get that out of the way. Those 2 guys are just out there having fun, AD and LeBron, they’re just getting numbers. You never thought they were going to win this game.”

“This guy used to be so exuberant, playing with great energy and great emotion. I think the wear and tear mentally last year, starting this year, playing with Patrick Beverley. The thing is, he’s going to get the blame no matter what because the Lakers ain’t a championship contender.”

This is something that many people have claimed before, but Barkley might be one of the few who said it on a big platform. Still, Russ doesn’t seem to agree too much with that sentiment. 


Russell Westbrook Responds To Charles Barkley Saying He Doesn’t Enjoy Playing With The Los Angeles Lakers

Following the Warriors’ 123-109 win over the Lakers, Russ addressed Barkley’s comments, saying that he has reasons to feel happy and that as long as he keeps trying, the rest of the things will fall into place for him. 

“I’m super blessed. I have a lot of great friends, family, good people in my corner to support me through thick and thin and when I have God on my corner, it doesn’t really matter what happens outside of that. I stay on course, stay focused, stay locked in. And that’s all I can ask, everything else that comes around it, I’m gonna continue doing what I’m doing and everything else will take care of itself.”

Westbrook is ready to bounce back this season, and after a couple of controversies during the preseason, he’s ready to make a statement with the Purple and Gold. It won’t be easy, but the point guard remains confident in his talents and his team. It’ll be interesting to see how this season develops for Westbrook, but after posting 19 points and grabbing 11 rebounds, you can say that he might be on a good track to a revenge season. 

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