NBA World Reacts To The LeBron James Trade Suggestion

Amid their 0-4 start to the season, the Los Angeles Lakers are looking more and more like a team that should be selling than buying. That’s led one NBA icon to make a controversial trade suggestion involving LeBron James.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, NBA legend George Karl declared that the Denver Nuggets should make a trade for LeBron “today.” Karl’s tweet is picking up some steam with over 600 likes and 100 retweets since this morning.

Since entering the NBA in 2003, LeBron James has changed teams three times. But none of those changes have ever occurred midseason, and none of them came via a trade either.

NBA World Reacts To The LeBron James Trade Suggestion

As appealing as the idea might be to Karl, who coached the Nuggets for nearly a decade during his four decades as a coach, NBA fans don’t see the rationale behind it and don’t see it happening at all:

An in-season trade would go against just about everything LeBron James tells the media. He knows what an optics nightmare it would be to accept a trade.

If the Los Angeles Lakers’ ship is truly going down then LeBron James is going down with it – at least for this season. Come the 2023 NBA offseason, there’s little telling what LeBron will wind up doing.

Nevertheless, the Lakers could at least field an offer if one comes around.

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