Golden State Warriors News: Pros and cons of maxing Draymond Green

The Golden State Warriors have always been able to count on one thing during their rise to the top and that’s Draymond Green is always going to be Draymond Green.

Will the fiery competitor and four-time champion always be a Warrior?
It’s easy to assume the Dubs will do everything in their power to keep Draymond in the Bay. It’s even easier to conclude Green wouldn’t want to leave the franchise which he has experienced life-changing success with.

Draymond Green is seeking a max contract extension from the Golden State Warriors. Here are the pros and cons of granting his wish.
But for the chance to make max money and build generational wealth? Green might choose to join a new team.

That’s the current narrative, at least. Green appears ready to test his value on the market if Golden State doesn’t give him a max extension next summer.

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